[Marxism] UN Syria Commission clears YPG/J and SDF of ethnic cleansing charges

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sat Mar 18 17:48:52 MDT 2017

Chris Slee has it correct!

It is too bad that the moderator does not learn from history.

Religious fanatics have and are inclined to use every brutality against those who think different.

Most of the Iranian left falsely believed in 1979 that  Iran's Shite leaders would adhere to democracy

and not carry out the same behavior as the Shah.  A tragic mistake to not understand the reactionary

role of religious fundamentalism.

The moderator is unaware of 9/11 and the Islamic terrorist use of civilian planes on buildings?

If one wants to believe that al-Qaeda's supporters in Syria (al-Nusra, etc.) and ISIS and other

such jihadi fanatics would not use indiscriminate bombing as Bashir al-Assad, is ignoring reality.

Suicide bombing by vehicle is regularly used - and like the Shinto religious fanatics of Japan in

their kamikaze plane attacks, or the British Christian use of poison gas on the Iraqis efforts

for independence following WWI, or the United States widespread use of napalm bombings

in Korea and later Vietnam - there is a long sad barbaric history of violence - by religious "believers".

As a Gay man, I can tell you with certainty that religious fanatics harm - and many are happy to

do massive harm with savagery and whatever weapons they can gain use of - including planes.

Karl Marx was correct when he identified religion and religious believers - as part of the problem.

As "the opium of the people".  Perhaps some want to view Islam "as progressive" - but it is not

and like its other religious adherent counter parts - promotes masters, rulers and servants.

Away with all false ideologies and backward thinking - including in Syria!

On 3/18/17 4:09 PM, Chris Slee via Marxism wrote:
>  I think it is reasonable to assume that if such groups came to power and had control of an air force they would be prepared to bomb cities that rebelled against their rule.

Except that the "jihadists" have never deployed artillery in the
indiscriminate fashion that Assad has used his air force. When a single
hospital in West Aleppo came under fire, there were ten thousand
articles denouncing such inhumanity but not a single one about all the
hospitals that had been leveled to the ground in East Aleppo. If you
have trouble grasping this, I suggest you read the Zionist press on
Hamas's rocket attacks on Sderot. As is almost universally the case, the
"anti-imperialist" press can figure this out when it comes to Gaza but
not Syria. Too bad that Chris Slee reflects this sort of bad faith.

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