[Marxism] Fw: UN Syria Commission clears YPG/J and SDF of ethnic cleansing charges

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sat Mar 18 18:50:51 MDT 2017

I consider myself aware of the the history of Syria and the various political and religious currents there -

including the many different tribal and religious sects, that are involved in both pro-Syria government and

anti-Syria government.  All the small military militias with their various eagle and flag symbols and names.

I subscribe to many Syria sites and not jut those outside of Syria, as others on this list - from what I have

seen shared by them.

But I have no favorable view of  the various front groups that have been established that support either

a capitalist Bathist government, or the many bands of various jihadi opponents.  There has been little to

no reporting on the various Syrian political left currents - only just the anti-left formations.

I have watched and been supportive of those Kurds and other minorities in Iraq and Syria, who have

opposed ISIS and al-Qaeda and adhere to  proletarian rule and not the wealthy rulers and monarchs

of those lands.

I was told many years by some on this list, including the moderator, that I should not criticize the Iran

government - because it "objectively aided U.S. imperialism".  Now these same people are condemning

that same Iran government for supporting the Bashir al-Assad Bathist led government in Syria! And when

I warned several years ago of my concerns about the Syrian Civil War becoming a bloody conflict that would

only harm most Syrians - and opposed any U. S. military involvement - some of these same supposed

wise people - refused to recognize both reality and history of that land and peoples.

The U. S. government in its many forms - are a danger to the Syrian masses - and not a protector.

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On Mar 18, 2017, at 8:14 PM, John Obrien via Marxism <marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu<mailto:marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu>> wrote:

the jihadists in Syria - are not for tolerance but seek power and control - motivated not by progressive political views - but by reactionary religious views.

Quibbles about words like “progressive” and “reactionary” aside, this statement by Obrien is true *by definition* and therefore vacuous: the predicate ("seeking power and control"; "motivated by religious views") is implied by the choice of the subject of the sentence ("jihadists”).

The fact that Obrien believes the subject “jihadists” truthfully represents all those fighting Assad says everything one needs to know about his ignorance of, and bias regarding, the conflict in Syria.

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