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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Mar 19 06:14:01 MDT 2017

Koreans have decided to impeach their President Park Geun-hye over 
corruption charges.  Last Friday the country’s top court upheld an 
earlier impeachment vote, officially ousting Park Geun-hye, South 
Korea’s first female leader, from office. This follows months of 
protests by South Koreans alarmed at claims of bribery, 
influence-peddling and even shamanistic cult rituals in the presidential 
Blue House. The demonstrations were more than 1m strong. An impeachment 
motion easily passed the legislature.

Park is the most unpopular South Korean leader since the country became 
a democracy in the late 1980s. The scandal ensnared senior government 
officials and business figures, including Lee Jae-yong, the acting head 
of Samsung, who denied bribery, corruption and other charges at the 
first hearing in his trial last week.  Samsung apparently  donated 43bn 
won ($40m) – more than any other firm – to the foundations run by the 
president’s confidant, Choi Soon-sil.

Choi is the Rasputin to Korea’s Park. She is the daughter of a South 
Korean Shamanistic–Evangelical cult leader, Choi Tae-min. Her ex-husband 
is Park’s former chief of staff Chung Yoon-hoi and dressage athlete 
Chung Yoo-ra is their daughter.  Samsung allegedly gave millions of 
euros to fund Choi’s daughter’s equestrian training in Germany. Choi is 
in detention, accused of using her close ties with Park to force local 
firms to “donate” nearly $70m (£60m) to her non-profit foundations, 
which Choi allegedly used for personal gain.


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