[Marxism] Will Trump last four years?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 07:28:53 MDT 2017

The time-honored pattern is for the media to save him whenever it looks too
bad.  Trump stirs people up and gets them watching the news shows--hence
increasing what they can charge for advertising.  This was what they did
leading up to the campaign, all through the campaign, and, thus far, in his

The most recent of this was how eagerly they closed ranks to yowl about the
"reset" that was Trump's speech to the Congress.  According to Gallup and
Pew, his approval rating before the speech was down to 39%.  Using such BS
as online polls, etc., the media reported higher numbers.  They did much
the same to measure the impact of his speech, goosing the positive numbers
back up to around 58% thinking that the Orange Clown had become
presidential.  Their coverage of the issues is similarly skewered, largely
because the Democrats are as useless as a pile of pet rocks.

This is a roller coaster, then, and the lows will tend to dip a little
further before getting carried back up.  The worse he gets, the more
they'll talk about respecting the office and the country's need to not have
a failed presidency, etc.

The decisive issue, though, is going to be any major foreign policy
question in which his own financial interests are involved--or those of his
family or inner circle.  At that point, any competitors are going to take
the field and create an open breach in ruling class circles.  This being
the U.S., it will assume a different form publicly.  Probably the
traditional paranoia about the Russians . . . or Chinese . . . or maybe
even the North Koreans.

Mark L.

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> It's really sheer hubris that makes us continue to ask questions that need
> a crystal ball. But we do and really that is about the future in the
> present. We are saying in effect that the balance of forces now are such
> that Trump will go.
> From here I have no idea of the lived texture of American politics. But I
> am inclined to agree with John that Trump will be wheeled off stage.
> I am not at all sure, moreover, that a foreign war would save him. The Iraq
> War was touch and go for a while.  A Trump War would have all of us on the
> streets.  He has no mandate to end the world and that would be said very
> loudly and clearly and with a degree of militancy that the Iraq protests
> lacked.
> comradely
> Gary.
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