[Marxism] Will Trump last four years?

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 08:01:04 MDT 2017

Personally, I love crystal ball gazing. It's a time honored tradition in
the Marxist movement and is the closest thing to a metaphysical exercise
that this movement can engage in without the more knowing eyebrows being

Like some (such as John R.) I don't believe Trump will last four years. I
fact, I don't think he'll last 18 months. He is making Imperialism to
uncomfortable to govern. Imperialism doesn't need, or particularly like,
chaos in it's ranks. We have here a case of chaos.  There is a true buffoon
at the helm here and that can't be allowed to stand. How "they" might get
rid of the clown is of course a lot more fun to speculate. There are many
methods but I don't believe impeachment is going to be one of them. First
all, it does in fact do as the opiners in the media note, weaken the royal
Presidency. (and why since he's only been in office a few months he hasn't
committed any crimes *as President* to allow for impeachment) It is a
really the last resort. The easiest method is to, behind closed doors,
force him to resign in a form of blackmail revealing what must be by now
the fully sorted life of this frat-boy misogynist. Or, they could threaten
him, in various forms beyond blackmail. There is a whole tool chest of
methods to get rid of the President.

The more creative one of course is invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment
to the US Constitution, passed in 1965 which allows the Vice-President with
the majority of the Cabinet to simply...remove the President and installing
the Vice-President. It can be reversed by the President and then
*re-reversed* by the Vice-President and Cabinet *again*, back and forth but
finally it is up to the Vice-President and majority if the Cabinet to make
the final decision. No hearings, not trial, just a vote, behind the back of
the sitting Prez. QED, the legal, "Civil Coup", inside the Beltway style....

Here is Kieth Olberman explaining how would happen:

Of course that would leave us with the icon of the Tea Party, Pence, as
Prez...a horror worse that Trump. Largely because Pence knows what he is
doing, is highly intelligent and *not* a buffoon. Shades of Margeret
Atwood's *A Handmaiden's Tale*....I hope this doesn't come to pass
regardless of the wonders of seeing the US government implode.

PS...I also predict that at least one of his children will be behind bars
for crimes committed as head the organization. And, it will be another 100
years before the Cubs win the World Championship.

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