[Marxism] A one-man industry

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 21 13:33:34 MDT 2017

A couple of weeks ago the ultra-Stalinist Grover Furr (his real name) 
wrote an attack on my Counterpunch article about the Ukrainian famine in 
which he touted Mark Tauger, a U. of West Virginia professor also 
favored by fellow Stalinist Roger Annis. In doing some research today, I 
discover that Tauger is a virtual one-man industry denying that famines 
were caused by imperial powers. Here he is writing a revisionist account 
of the Bengal famine in 1941.

> The Indian Famine Crises of World War II
> Mark B. Tauger
> Introduction: The Bengal famine as an issue in historiography
> The causes and character of the Bengal famine of 1943 appear to be settled issues in
> South Asian history. According to the generally accepted viewpoint, food availability
> in Bengal was not low enough to have caused a famine. The key proponent of this
> viewpoint, the economist Amartya Sen, uses data from the 1944 Famine Inquiry
> Commission Report on Bengal in his book Poverty and Famines to argue that Bengal
> actually had higher food availability in 1943 than in 1942.1
>  Most studies of this
> famine and others refer to Sen’s chapter without questioning the data or his use of it.2
> Consequently historians have sought the cause of the famine in social, economic, and
> political factors: wartime inflation intensified by military spending in Bengal, British
> efforts to deter a Japanese invasion (the rice- and boat-denial policies), hoarding and
> speculation by grain traders, and allegations of British indiffer

full: http://www.euppublishing.com/doi/pdfplus/10.3366/brs.2009.0004

After reading this, I recalled that he had argued basically the same 
thing about the Potato Famine in Ireland. When I went to his website at 
U. of West Virginia to track down the reference to the Potato Famine, I 
discovered that he is no longer there. Maybe he took a job at RT.com. 
The pay is pretty good there.

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