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Global Apartheid: On the historical superiority of the West
by Nauman Naqvi · March 21, 2017

"Whether we moderns like it or not, no premodern state had ruled on the
basis of race, a doctrine and an idea that was and is inextricably tied to
the emergence of gora[*] nationalism and progress in the wake of the
‘Enlightenment’. The latter, let us pause and remark here with some
emphasis, given how banalised and obvious it has globally become, is a most
extraordinary historical periodisation in itself: for in the past,
‘Enlightenment’ would have been characterised of extraordinary, luminous
individuals. Now, entire peoples – people to be sure, as white as the light
of their self-nominated historical age – are to have become ‘Enlightened,’
no doubt the most remarkable instance of Gora’s ingenious flair for
historical self-glorification and sanctification, not to mention of Gora’s
genius for inventing a truly diabolically twisted secular metaphysics that
makes of (his own) wretched worldly history a theophanic event."

*Gora (racial epithet), or gaura, a Hindi and Indo-Aryan word for Europeans
or a light-skinned person.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gora

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