[Marxism] Assad/Russia killed only 62% of victims last month - because they got big help from US

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 22:34:37 MDT 2017

When we see a figure of only 62% of civilians being killed by Assadist 
or Russian forces in Syria, we probably immediately assume that the 
rebels have had an unusually bloody month. Not so: other than ISIS, the 
other big killer was none other than the US-led International Coalition, 
in an unusually bloody month of their stepped up bombing of Assad's 
enemies, of various kinds. Not only the extremely bloody results in 
civilian slaughter of US bombing of ISIS-held territory (eg, the 
school/refugee shelter bombing killing over 40 civilians), but some even 
more terrible numbers of civilians as the US bombs JFS (former Nusra) in 
rebel-held territory (eg the mosque bombing, killing some 57 
worshippers), in direct alliance with Assad and Russia.

Between Assad, Russia, ISIS and the US-led Coalition, 920 of the 948 
civilian victims were killed. the remaining 28 were fairly even,y 
divided between the rebels, the SDF and JFS. In other words, the 
proportions are actually quite typical if we omit the US killings.

948 Civilians Killed between the Two Rounds of Geneva Talks, including 
62% at the hands of the Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance
The Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance Came First in Killings, followed by 
ISIS, and the International Coalition


Facts and evidences, through the daily cumulative documentation 
conducted by SNHR team, are telling us that we are definitely still far 
away from the stage of shrinking and reducing the crisis. The 
international community, the states that sponsor the negotiations in 
particular, haven’t taken any steps to limit the crisis’s deadly 
manifestations, in order to transition to the negotiation stage. The 
Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance is responsible for the most part, as it 
perpetrated vastly more violations than the rest of the parties to the 
conflict. The warplanes haven’t ceased the bombardment of civilian 
neighborhoods for one day, and tens of vital civilian facilities have 
been also bombed. We will be including only, however, hospitals, 
schools, and markets. Talking about releasing detainees and ending the 
siege have become a distant luxury. There won’t be a settlement or a 
negotiation path as long as the U.N. won’t work with local partners to 
monitor the ceasefire, and hold those who violate it accountable.

We are going to shed light on the killings, arrests, and incidents of 
attack on some of the vital civilian facilities. SNHR team documented 
between Geneva Talks’ 4th and 5th round, between Monday, February 20, 
2017, and Thursday, March 23, 2017 the following:

A. Extrajudicial killing
948 civilians were killed, including 192 children and 91 women (Adult 
female) at the hands of the main parties as follows:
– Syrian regime force (Army, security, local militias, Shiite foreign 
militias): 383 civilians, including 62 children and 39 women.
– Russian forces: 203 civilians, including 64 children and 23 women.
– Self-management forces (Consisting primarily of the Democratic Union 
Party – a branch for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party): 10 civilians, 
including 4 children and 2 women.
– Extremist Islamic groups:
• ISIS (Self-proclaimed the Islamic State): 251 civilians, including 25 
children and 8 women.
• Fateh al Sham Front (Formerly al Nussra Front): 5 civilians.
– Armed opposition factions: 13 civilians, including 4 children and 4 
– International coalition forces: 83 civilians, including 33 children 
and 15 women. 

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