[Marxism] United's dress code

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 11:05:08 MDT 2017

Social media is abuzz over United Airline's refusal to allow two teens and
an adolescent wearing leggings to board a plane. The company explains that
the teens were traveling via the "pass policy" and as such were
"representing United." That policy allows employees and their immediate
family to fly free if there are empty seats.
On a factual level this is true. When I worked at Pan Am as a service rep
in the late '80s, we were repeatedly reminded that we were not to wear
clothing that was too revealing, torn, or otherwise potentially off-putting
to other passengers.
IMO the reason this was even an issue is that half the work-force were
young part-time temps paid literally half what the older, permanent service
reps made, and tended to dress more casually.
The company very purposely recruited college students whose main interest
in the job was the pass, letting them fly around the world for free.
So the bosses wanted a young, easily exploitable workforce knowing they
would require more active disciplining.
I don't know when the airlines introduced their policies; would one of
Sonny Barger have made it onboard with his "colors"?...


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