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Jack London advocated a different revolution, a Socialist one. The 
various books, articles, and speeches referred to as his Socialist 
writings, though now little read in the United States, sold well when 
first published and have been avidly read all over the world. The Iron 
Heel, for instance, sold over 50,000 copies in hardback, and Wikipedia 
lists translations of the novel into thirty-two languages (including 
Esperanto). According to Alex Kershaw (in his Jack London: A Life), the 
novel “was…passed along production lines throughout the nation,” and it 
was quickly “devoured” by many in the International Workers of the 
World, the “Wobblies.” Kershaw also notes that “Lenin and Trotsky both 
praised the novel, and it is the only American book in Bukharin’s 
bibliography of Communism.” On the last two nights of his life, the 
bedridden Lenin apparently asked his wife to read to him from the works 
of Jack London.

full: http://www.threepennyreview.com/samples/tharsing_sp17.html

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