[Marxism] Fwd: How the Syrian Civil War Has Transformed Hezbollah | The Nation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Mar 31 16:07:31 MDT 2017

(A cesspool of reaction.)

In late 2016, Assir spent the battle of Aleppo commanding fighting units 
on the front lines. He acknowledges that his forces inflicted many 
civilian casualties in the fighting, but his justifications echo those 
made by Israel in its past attacks on Lebanese and Palestinian 
civilians. “The rebels use them as human shields,” he contends.

Assir said that Iraqi Shiite militias played an important part in the 
Assad regime’s ground advance in Aleppo, but he claimed that Hezbollah 
led the fight and was the deciding force in ground operations. “There 
were a lot of Iraqis, but we call the shots,” he boasted. “Most of the 
push is led by Hezbollah.”

Both Assir and Commander Bakr are cautiously optimistic about the Trump 
administration, and both said they had feared the potential impact on 
the war of a Hillary Clinton administration. They believe that Trump’s 
leaning toward the Syrian regime and desire to work with Russia in Syria 
will improve Hezbollah’s regional position. And they see Trump’s 
rhetoric about destroying ISIS as a sign that he will focus US efforts 
on a common enemy, while they read his seemingly contradictory 
isolationist posturing as an indication that there will be less US 
interference in other regional flashpoints.


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