[Marxism] The French elections

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue May 2 19:04:58 MDT 2017

I am beginning to get a bad feeling about the outcome of the French
Presidential elections.  The Establishment is congratulating itself on
having organized a run off between Le Pen and Macron on the assumption that
the Left will have no choice but to vote for Macron. Is this a re-run of
the Democratic Party's deep idiocy at being over joyed with the selection
of Trump as the Republican candidate?  The Democrats saw off Sanders and
convinced themselves that no one could possibly support Trump.  Well the
rest is history.

Personally, I am revolted by both of the French Presidential candidates,
just as I was with the American scenario, but of course I do not have to
vote in either case. In 2002, Chirac defeated Papa Pen in a massive
landslide (82.2% of the vote), because the Left voted fro him to keep the
Fascists at bay.  I doubt that Macron will be able to repeat that
performance.  That is because Marine Le Pen, unlike her father, has
embraced Strasserism and promised the workers relief from neoliberalism.
Exactly as Steve Bannon got Trump. to do.

The Despicable Macron, very much like the Despicable Clinton, is offering
the working class continuity, that is, more of the same.  Le Pen is
offering a rupture and it might just be that that is enough for the
desperate denizens of Precaria



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