[Marxism] British local council elections

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun May 7 03:31:18 MDT 2017

I'm in Blighty at present and watched the local council election results
with a bit of interest.

As expected Labour did very badly, the Conservatives did pretty well, and
the Welsh and Scottish nationalists advanced.  And UKIP was annihilated.

The Conservatives made progress in some traditional Labour heartlands,
including the poorest council area in the whole of Britain, which went Tory.

I'm not depressed at all.  The sooner the vile British Labour Party gets
annihilated the better as far as I'm concerned.  They are as obnoxious as
the Tories, and confronted with the choice of Labour v Tory, I'm neither
surprised nor depressed that a lot workers opt for the Tories and even more
opt to abstain.

If I was a voter here I wouldn't have bothered voting.  I don't vote in NZ
and, really, the British LP is no better than the NZ one.

Corbyn is a ridiculous old duffer who can't/won't even defend his own left
friends from scurrilous attacks from the Zionists.  Instead he lets them be
suspended from his party, another indication of what a waste of space
Labour is regardless of who leads it.

The Trotskyists here, meanwhile, are a throwback to another time.  They
have an absolutely dogmatic two-stage theory of revolution: the first stage
is endless Labour voting and Labour governments and then, somewhere in the
never-never future, will come the socialist stage.

Like NZ, Britain needs a whole new Marxist left.  One not attached by some
kind of life-support system to the senile, reactionary British Labour Party.

I must dig out my copy of *Leon Trotsky on Britain *when I get back to NZ.
The Old Man would be turning in his grave.  Or, to paraphrase Marx, be
saying, "If this is Trotskyism then all I can say is that I'm not a

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