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Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri May 12 17:24:52 MDT 2017

This was so wonderfully full of acerbic wit.  A delight to read and a tonic
for the weary traveler.  Well done Jeffrey. Now I am inclined to agree with
Mark in all this. The trouble is that we do not attribute enough power to
STUPIDITY when we are reconstructing the motives of people like Trump.

His problem is that he was born into wealth.  A master surrounded by slaves
created by his father.  The task of the slave is ever to kiss ass and to
protect the master from ever finding out what the real world is about. The
slaves around Trump have done an admirable job.

Now though he has got to the level where there is no hiding place.  True,
there are still ranks upon ranks of ass kissers everywhere, but every so
often the realization that the Administrative system does have its own
special rules and the sad truth slowly emerges that one cannot always shit
on the carpet and get away with it.

It will take a socialist revolution of immense dimensions to clean out the
Augean Stables of the American State, but in the mean time we can have a
quiet smirk as the System slowly, timidly, and oh so relutcantly but
inevitably girds its loins to tell the POTUS "You're fired".



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> The blending of hubris and stupidity on display in the Comey affair is a
> recipe for political comedy and legal disaster. By concocting a false story
> for Comey’s expulsion, the Trump team, including the President and the
> Attorney General, have exposed their consciousness of guilt and laid the
> groundwork for charges of obstruction of justice against them. If there’s
> anyone left in the Justice Department or the Congress with the guts to
> bring it. Perhaps Ralph Nader will sue, as he did in 1973, when he won a
> seminal verdict in federal court that Nixon’s firing of special prosecutor
> Archibald Cox was illegal.
> full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/05/12/comeytose-in-washington/
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