[Marxism] Assadist contradictions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 16 16:26:32 MDT 2017

Interesting contradictions. British Maoist Sukant Chandan remains loyal 
to Assad and a romanticized vision of Gaddafi blasts the Vanessa 
Beeley/Eva Bartlett/Tim Anderson wing of the Baathist amen corner on FB:

Here I argue in 2mins that there are many who advocated on Press TV and 
RT etc years that Trump would be 'better' than Hilary,that these people 
invited the man who bombed Syria and Afghanistan, humiliated Russia, 
went to the brink of war with Korea and China, that these people should 
either apologise publicly and conduct some serious self critique (I made 
a wrong analysis on Obama, have apologised for that many times and 
critically self analysed a lot publicly for years), or they should be 
chased out of our circles and all platforms should be taken away from 
them. They advocated for the guy who bombed two of our homelands and 
threatened total war against China and Korea. These people are mainly 
those organised around far-right/alt-right/fascist circles and those 
collaborating with them around things like: Centre for Syncretic Studies 
(and all individuals and organisations involved, which is easily found), 
Katehon, New Resistance, The Duran, Saker, Fort Russ, 21st Century Wire, 
Sputnik, and others. These are forces who are directly in alliance with 
blatant neo-Nazi and western far right and openly fascist forces. The 
rise of fascist oriented forces and leaders like Trump are *not* friends 
of ours but fascist imperialist enemies of our peoples.

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