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Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Subject: Beginning of the end for net neutrality
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*"FCC taking first vote on net neutrality rollback"*
-- *The Hill*, 5/15/2017


The Trump FCC is about to take the first step toward destroying net

*"On Thursday, the Trump FCC will vote to adopt a final 'Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking' (NPRM) that will officially begin the effort to repeal the 2015
network neutrality rules and the legal authority upon which they are
-- *Mashable*, 5/15/2017

If net neutrality disappears, the Internet as we know it will change. Large
companies would be able to pay for their content to move faster, tilting
the playing field away from small-scale content providers and online

The free, open nature of the Internet will likely fundamentally change --
the result being a huge handout to corporate special interests.

*We have a petition urging members of the FCC to protect net neutrality.
Right now we have 12,000 signatures. Before Thursday's vote, I want to get
that number up to 25,000.*

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Thank you.

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