[Marxism] Trump and the Political Crisis for the US Capitalist Class

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Wed May 17 11:55:43 MDT 2017

"Often a movement from below is foretold by a crisis at the top. Is that
what is happening now?

A recent article
Max Boot seems to show that. Boot, a former lifelong Republican, is a
central figure in the Council on Foreign Relations, which is *the *prestigious
foreign affairs think tank. After outlining some of the issues with Trump,
he concludes with these words: *‘It pains me to say this as someone who
spent 30 years as a loyal Republican — I re-registered as an independent on
Nov. 9 — but I agree with Mark Salter, Sen. John McCain’s former chief of
staff, who tweeted
<https://twitter.com/MarkSalter55/status/862370152553349123>: “Words I
thought I’d never say: the security of the United States might now depend
on electing a Democratic Congress in 2018.”’*

Ever since the 1930s, in general the Republicans have been the preferred
party of most of the US capitalist class. The capitalists are perfectly
capable of ruling through the Democrats, but in general the Republicans are
more stable for them. So, when they seem to be shifting to the Democrats,
if we’re serious about understanding the society we live in (and
understanding is the first requirement for changing it!), then we have to
understand what is happening here.

"*Michael Flynn and the Republicans*

Take the case of Michael Flynn, Trump’s fired national security advisor.
He’d previously been fired from his post as head of the Defense
Intelligence Agency under Obama for being such a loose cannon and a
conspiracy theorist. But there’s another connection: In December of 2015,
Flynn traveled to Russia as a guest of RT (the Russian state news program)
to give a speech there. He was paid $34,000 for this.

In other words, not only is Flynn a right wing nut, he’s also a corrupt
money grubber. And this illustrates the problem: The far right lunatics are
often some of the most corrupt, meaning that they are more looking out for
themselves than for the interests of US capitalism in general. In fact,
that is their problem with President Trump.

But it’s not only Trump; the entire Republican party is riddled
through-and-through with these types. Not that the Democrats are exactly
self-sacrificing servants of the (capitalist) “national interest”, but at
least their corruption seems to be under control."


John Reimann

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