[Marxism] The Comey "thang"

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Wed May 17 20:02:45 MDT 2017

Gary wrote, "This is big news here in Oz.  I have told everyone who will
listen (a
rapidly diminishing number!) that the Democrats are trapped by all this.
They are (very) reluctant  to be impeachers.  I think they would much
rather hope in Obama's words, that Trump "succeeds because then America

Impeachment will not happen if the Republicans do not split, and the
Democrats will not move for impeachment if they do not have at least 50
Republicans who are for impeachment in the house. The Republicans currently
have 238 seats in the house, the Democrats only have 193.

The likelihood that this will happen greatly increased today when
Deputy Att
​eral ​
. Rod Rosenstein
​appointed former FBI Director
fDirector Robert S. Mueller III
​ to be the special prosecutor to investigate the connections of Trump et
al. to the Russians.

Rothstein, like Trump, is a Republican.

True, the Democrats do not want to impeach, but it is important to
understand that the Republicans are in the driver's seat here.


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