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This being the case, can't Tsipras with some legitimacy say to those of us
on the far left - "What the hell could you have done differently had you
won an election?" Most of us agree that Greece was not ready to drop out of
the EU and return to the drachma, so until Greece gets "rescued" by
leftists coming to power in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy - which still
hasn't happened yet - "what is to be done?"

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> Simpleminded analysis will find Syriza as traitorous. The harder wings of
> the left will say that Syriza was doomed since the beginning, since
> revolution is not a matter of simple electoral victory. Yet, even the
> hardest of the hard lefts, with the most ambitious programs for economic
> and social restructuring, will have faced similar dilemmas. That is because
> capitalism is a global system. The basic goods that sustain any
> nation-state are the product of a division of labor and a logistical
> network that spans the whole globe – minerals that are used in electronics
> are mined in Africa, hydrocarbons that power the factories that make
> vaccines are extracted from Canadian ground. This gives rise to a global
> economy that uses the abstractions of stocks, bonds, debt, and currency to
> mediate the distribution of technology, labor time, and natural resources
> necessary to sustain any sovereign nation-state. The rules of this global
> economy are studied by mainstream economists, rules that the Right claims
> the Left doesn’t understand. Any national, left wing movement will
> inevitably  face off the blind idiot-god of international Capital, and most
> certainly, be consumed by it.
> full: https://colddarkstars.wordpress.com/2017/05/25/the-global-
> economy-doesnt-care-about-your-local-chicken-farm/commen
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