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> Mexico Gets 1st Female Indigenous Presidential Candidate
> by mexicoinstitute
> 5/28/2017 New York Times
> Victor Camacho/La Jornada
> MEXICO CITY — A council of Mexican indigenous groups backed by the
Zapatista rebels on Sunday selected a Nahua woman as the country's first
indigenous female presidential candidate.
> The Indigenous Governance Council picked Maria de Jesus Patricio to
run in the 2018 election, issuing a statement saying that "we will seek
to put her name on the ballot." Because the council is not a registered
political party, it may need signatures to get Patricio on the ballot.
> The council called for an "anti-capitalist and honest" government. "We
don't seek to administer power; we seek to dismantle it," it said.
> Local media described Patricio as a traditional healer from the
western state of Jalisco.
>
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