[Marxism] The British Election

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed May 31 19:51:55 MDT 2017

It is foolish to believe the polls too much in a first past the post
context such as the UK, but as the gap between the Labour Party and the
Tories seems to narrow dramatically it is hard to resist the delirium.

My sources are Aaron Bastani on twitter as listers would know and the group
that he is linked to George Galloway, Richard Seymour, James Butler, & Owen
Jones.  My absolute joy though is to tune into the Artist Taxi Driver
youtube channel (Chunky Mark) and listen to his latest rant.

The accent is strongly London and that might cause difficulties but stay
with him and just go with the passion. The link is athttps://

The big question now is can Corbyn do it?  Can he win?  Personally I doubt
it but i am very aware that just a few weeks ago the question was "Can
Corbyn prevent a Tory landslide that would wipe out Labour?"

The Tories have campaigned badly, like really badly.  They also have a deep
structural problem, that has been partly obscured by the Brexit from the
EU. The Tory project is in trouble. "Neoliberalism is dying in the night.
ring out wild bells and let it die" I say and millions are beginning to say
the same thing.

Also in trouble are the Labour Moderates - those 200 odd ass wipes who
opposed Corbyn with maximum treachery.  They allowed Corbyn to have a left
wing manifesto in order, I think, to exorcise finally the "poison" of
leftism. *BUT* the manifesto proved popular.  And now there seems no way
back to Blairism and New Labour.

Delightful times



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