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Wed Nov 1 16:01:06 MDT 2017

Directed by Erik Nelson, “A Gray State” is a documentary about a man 
whose dark soul clearly piqued the interest of Werner Herzog, the film’s 
executive producer. Nelson produced Herzog’s “Grizzly Man”, another 
documentary about psychic disintegration, so the two obviously share the 
same sensibility. If you are a fan of Herzog’s work, this could not be a 
higher recommendation for “A Gray State” that opens on Nov. 3rd in NY 
(Cinema Village) and Nov. 24th in LA (Laemmle’s Music Hall) followed by 
a national release.

Its title is derived from that of the stillborn fictional film by David 
Crowley who killed his wife, their 5-year old daughter and then himself 
in January 2015—leaving behind words scrawled in his wife’s blood on the 
living room wall: “Alluah akbar”. His inability to finish the film, or 
even get a sizable chunk of it done, was probably one of the main 
factors leading to the tragedy. Using a film journal that Crowley left 
behind as a kind of suicide note, Nelson paints a picture of someone 
breaking down psychologically like Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance in 
“The Shining”. In contrast to Stanley Kubrick’s classic, “The Gray 
State” is far more chilling because it is about real people. Indeed, 
David Crowley is someone immediately recognizable to those following the 
rise of the alt-right. In the crowd-funding that led to the film’s 
trailer that went viral on YouTube, its success was virtually guaranteed 
since Alex Jones was one of its most ardent supporters.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2017/11/01/a-gray-state/

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