[Marxism] Fwd: Internationalism Gone Local: The Ginger Jentzen Campaign Shows How Socialism Grows from the Bottom-Up I Bryant William Sculos

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sun Nov 5 18:55:33 MST 2017

DSA is a multi tendency organization which has various parts supporting

Green Party and others as Socialist Alternative and various Democratic Party as well.

My view is that some of those who are supporting candidates in the corporate controlled Democratic Party

will through experience and time learn the waste of their energies.  But by the DSA being a welcoming organization

that wants to build a needed large united left that works on many issues that we all have in common concerns and

values, that is more important (for a needed effective large left) than in internal fighting over what is less important.

We have witnessed the U.S. vanguard parties with their "perfect political programs" and complete centralist control

since the 1970's, remain isolated and mainly only with aging members and doing less energy wise interacting with

with the public.  I saw the religious right wing in many public areas but little of these socialist groups.  Many cities

in the United States have no socialist organizations at all.

Now DSA is becoming a possible mass based group that will likely with the tens of thousands of its new energized

youth, flex its influence and forces in many different areas, that might benefit in changing the current undemocratic

Green Party from a small closed group to become a truly mass grass roots democratic decision based organization.

DSA may be a base for supporting any Labor Party that emerges in first local elections, to confront the current capitalists

duopoly election parties in the United States.

But it would help by people joining DSA and helping work with others to achieve this - and be supportive of having

finally a group that is not just a top-down centralist power control small bunch of bureaucrats - who lost their socialist

values seeking instead personal prestige recognition and position in a organizational structure that "does not walk its

political talk".  We had enough "democratic centralist" groups - that were far more centralist than democratic!

I suggest and believe that we need is a mass based U. S. left group and then hopefully we can each help contribute in

various ways to make that group and its members and supporters, make the needed correct choices for us to end capitalist rule.

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On 11/5/17 7:43 PM, John Obrien via Marxism wrote:
> Obviously, you are unaware that DSA is supporting Jentzen and sent out a special appeal to support her both with funds and volunteers.

I don't think the issue is so much with DSA supporting a Socialist
Alternative candidate. It is much more about their failure to mount such
campaigns themselves. It gets doubly confusing when DSA'ers run as
Democrats while calling themselves socialist.
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