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Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 06:49:28 MST 2017

When I was living in the Berkshires I asked for this book through
inter-library loan. The copy I received looked like it had been through a
meat grinder, similar to the broke down appearance of the Du Bois country
home in Great Barrington, a piece of property owned by the university of

Following on the heels of the big anti-Iraq war demo in NYC, some of us
thought it would be fitting to have an anti war march through South
Egremont ending at the Du Bois site. We had various speakers lined up
including a local minister and an old panther. Apparently the local police
chief did not agree because she made sure our little march was hounded by a
few of her drunk relatives. Earlier in the day an old fart living next door
to “that commie Du Bois”, as he put it, had threatened me with a shotgun
from his front porch. I should have taken that as a sign.

After our little march ended on a dark and rainy note I was followed home
by a tie dyed undercover and 2 weeks later a new resident showed up in the
downstairs apartment.

I moved out shortly thereafter only to discover a year down the road my new
temporary home in Otis had been bugged.

I never finished reading the Du Bois tome.

Greg McDonald

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