[Marxism] Statement of the Communist Party of Canada

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 7 10:31:41 MST 2017

Delivered by CPC leader Elizabeth Rowley on behalf of the Central Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Canada to the 19th Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties held in Leningrad, November 2-3rd, 2017.
http://communist-party.ca/statement/2628 <http://communist-party.ca/statement/2628>

Two things stood out for me.
One, the treatment of the collapse of Stalinism.  Apparently, no one in the Soviet Union did anything wrong.  The whole failure can be attributed to the hostility of imperialism.

Also, the response to Calalonia and Kurdistan.  She explicitly calls for self-determination for Catalonia and passes over the question of self-determination for Kurdistan.
See also
http://peoplesvoice.ca/2017/10/17/the-kurdistan-referendum-iraqi-communists-call-for-dialogue/ <http://peoplesvoice.ca/2017/10/17/the-kurdistan-referendum-iraqi-communists-call-for-dialogue/>

		ken h

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