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Wed Nov 8 19:50:06 MST 2017

On John Grierson, by liberal columnist Robert Fulford:

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Interesting man no doubt.  Grierson had studied Hegel and I think he was very influenced by the Philosophy of Right in terms of his commitment to nation building.

But he was a social democrat with a penchant for pretending to be much more left wing than he was.  Thus he publicly screened Battleship Potemkin along with his own film Drifters (1929). He also claimed to have been there at the the release from prison in 1918 of the great Scottish radical John MacLean (1879-1923), but that is doubted.  In  the 60s he put Trotsky’s Literature and Revolution on his reading list.  I think that was partly in an effort to outflank the radical 60s generation.

He claimed to have put the working class up on the screen, but it was very much the working class who were loyal and hard working, and not at all threatening to the powers that be during the Great Depression.



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