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Fri Nov 10 07:06:23 MST 2017

Joe Berlinger’s reputation rests on a number of documentaries about the 
injustices of the judicial system including a trilogy about the trial 
and imprisonment of three teens in West Memphis, Arkansas falsely 
accused of taking part in a Satanic ritual murder of three 8-year old 
boys. Next came “Crude”, a film about the struggle of indigenous peoples 
in Ecuador to make Chevron pay for the massive despoliation of their 
land and water. It should not come as a big surprise that an American 
judge declared Chevron innocent of all charges.

His most recent film opens on November 10th at the Village East in New 
York and the Laemmle in Los Angeles. Titled “Intent to Destroy”, it is 
an examination of the Armenian genocide that took place between 1915 and 
1916 and that left just under 300,000 survivors out of a population of 
1,700,000 in the Anatolian heartland of the Ottoman Empire. As opposed 
to the Nuremberg trials that punished the Nazis and the allied powers 
insistence that reparations be paid to Israel, the Armenians were left 
with nothing. This is a sorry confirmation of the historical law that 
victorious nations never have to pay for their crimes. Despite being on 
the losing side in WWI, the Turks found themselves in the envious 
position of being a geopolitical asset in the hands of the West for 
quarantining the USSR and as a launching pad for Middle East incursions. 
Even Israel found Turkey to be a convenient ally. When a bill was 
introduced in Congress some years ago condemning Turkey for genocide, 
Abraham Foxman opined, “I don’t think a bill in Congress will help 
reconcile this issue.”

full: https://louisproyect.org/2017/11/10/intent-to-destroy/

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