[Marxism] The times that are in it

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 01:20:18 MST 2017

I always hesitate to talk about US politics because of the fact that I have
only been there once and I live so far away.  But I am interested of course
in what is happening there as it affects all of us so much.  The topic of
interest is now the recent election results which have shown a rejection of
the Republican Party and the (re)-emergence of the discourse of hope in the
Democratic Party. Specifically have in mind the thesis by Aaron Bastani of
Novara Media, London, that "Political parties can now act as hosts for
historically ‘third party’ candidates: Sanders, Trump, Corbyn"

My reading of the British situation is that Corbyn will form a government
possibly within a year. I do not expect the Tory party to survive its full
term. He will form a crisis government with three quarters of his party in
Parliament hostile to the idea of a socialist Britain. Good luck with that
one I say.

Now what of the Democrats?  Can they parallel the British Labour Party and
become the host of a third Party leftist push?  After all Sanders did make
quite a splash.

My answer to that is No, absolutely Never, not ever. Why am I so adamant?
For a start, the Democrats have never been a social democratic party. As
was pointed out to me Obama never betrayed anyone.  He just did the
Democratic thing. Sure he advanced a few empty slogans -Yes we can - and
the naive filled in the blanks with their hopes and dreams. Moreover since
their defeat in the Presidential election there is not sign what soever
that the Democrats will take the social democratic path. Their recent good
results make the social democratic option even more unlikely.

Bastani labels Trump as a traditional Third Party candidate.  Wit respect I
disagree.  The whole Republican establishment swung behind Trump and that
is one of the reasons he won.  Moreover Trump and the Republicans are not
such an unusual or strange mix. I know we all groan over every Trump tweet,
but as an oldie I recall Reagan clearly.  In his own way he was just as
bizarre, though his acting ability tended to disguise that. For example,
think about how long after Reagan's death we discovered that he had told
Yitzhak Shamir  and Wiesenthal about how he, Reagan, had filmed the
liberation of Auschwitz.  He was never anywhere near the war.

So I welcome every advance of the DSA (Allez les rouges!). Of course I
welcome the defeats of Republicans but you will have to forgive me if I sit
out the celebrations of the Democratic Party's victories.



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