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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 12 16:19:42 MST 2017

As a credentialed film critic, I had the dubious distinction of being 
among the privileged few able to see Louis C.K.’s “I Love You, Daddy” 
that was supposed to premiere this month until the masturbation story 
broke. After saying something about the film, I’ll offer some thoughts 
on Louis’s downfall and those of other A-List celebrities.

While the film has the look and feel of Woody Allen’s 1979 “Manhattan”, 
being shot in black-and-white and never straying far from the 
one-percent lifestyle of its characters (the Hamptons, Upper East Side, 
etc.), it is much more of an extension of C.K.’s FX cable TV series 
“Louie” in terms of its dramatic focus. He plays the same basic 
character—a hapless single dad trying to cope with his daughters’ 
wayward behavior. The only difference is that the daughter in the film 
is a 17-year old that is on the verge of becoming the girlfriend of a 
68-year old director that has made a habit of dating teens. If you’ve 
seen “Manhattan”, you’ll remember that Woody Allen’s character was 
dating a 17-year old (Mariel Hemingway)

full: https://louisproyect.org/2017/11/12/i-love-you-daddy/

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