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In my opinion, what happened in the most recent election is that the
mainstream of the US capitalist class started to reassert itself, started
to regain control over its government.

"The DSA leadership is exuberant about the results of the November, 2017
elections, as is the Democratic Party in general. DSA is boasting
 about the successful election campaigns of fifteen DSA members.

These results should be taken in the context of the general situation in
the United States, starting with the fact that *politics is first and
foremost a matter of class struggle*. In the industrial arena, no socialist
would consider it acceptable that the entire union movement was dominated
by the employers, that the employers (that is, the capitalist class) was
thoroughly integrated into the unions. They would denounce this as company
unionism! But yet so many see this as perfectly acceptable in the political
arena, through the Democratic Party.

Contrary to what they think, it is exactly the absence of the working class
as an independent force that explains the political situation in the US
today. Such independence can only be expressed in an organized way, which
means through a political party – a working class political party, which
the Democratic Party is not and never can become. This absence is integral
to the low level of class consciousness in the US working class, and it is
this low level which explains why it is estimated that some 30% of union
members voted for Trump.

Unfortunately, the role of the DSA candidates did nothing to start to
change this situation. On the contrary, they helped reinforce it. Let us
look at some of the winning candidates that the DSA leadership brags about:

Seema Singh Perez

*Here is Perez with police Chief David Rausch, whom she thanks “for being
among those that are always supportive and available to help me learn

*Seema Singh Perez*Seema Singh Perez was elected to the Knoxville (TE) city
council from District 3. As was the case in almost all of the DSA
candidates, she ran as a Democrat and completely slurred over the class
question. For example, she said she wants to “champion Knoxville’s
entrepreneurs” and wrote “I feel Knoxville has the creative energy and a
spirit of entrepreneurship, this should be encouraged and facilitated with
business and educational support.”

She may be a DSA member, but in no way do her politics even remotely
reflect socialist – even social democratic – policies.
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