[Marxism] Bourgeois Knowledge

Brian McKenna mckennab at umich.edu
Wed Nov 15 18:48:47 MST 2017


*Snip>*Most professors in the social sciences that I have met have
grandparents (or even grand-grand parents) who were university graduates
and professionals – doctors, professors, art collectors, architects, and so
forth. Both my grandmothers were illiterate; my father went to work at the
age of 12 and my mother started to combine schooling and empoyment when she
was 13 and had full-time job at the age of 15 (although studying was what
she really wanted to do). I was born in 1979 and my cousins and I are the
first generation of the family not only to have received a university
education (a few of us also hold a Ph.D.), but to have attended high school
at all. Perhaps this explains the feeling of unease that I have experienced
throughout my entire academic path, my sense of being suspended between
two social worlds (bourgeois academia and my own working-class
background) but somehow uncomfortable in both. <

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