[Marxism] Fwd: Is This Professor ‘Putin’s American Apologist’? - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Thu Nov 16 07:37:14 MST 2017

(The John Batchelor referenced below is an ultraright supporter of 
Israel, climate change denialist, Iraq war supporter, etc. who has never 
had a single African-American interviewed on his rancid radio show. 
Stephen F. Cohen is one of his most frequent guests.)

On a Tuesday evening, Cohen arrives at the WABC studios in midtown. He 
appears weekly on The John Batchelor Show, a talk-radio program, for a 
40-minute discussion, highlights of which are summarized on The Nation’s 
website. He sports a light beard (the legendary Russian poet Yevgeny 
Yevtushenkoonce called Cohen’s facial hair a "rusty, biblical 
unshaveness"), and he smokes from a vaporizer on the elevator up to the 

Winding our way through the halls, he brings up several times appearing 
on the show with Oliver Stone to discuss Putin. "It was shown all over 
the world," he says. For his segment, a giant image of Putin is 
displayed on the studio wall. Cohen, fluid and articulate, is 
comfortable here, cracking jokes with the host. He was a CBS commentator 
during the 1980s and appeared regularly on television. His smooth, deep 
voice, the product of decades of cigarettes, is made for broadcast. 
Vanden Heuvel shows up and lovingly takes a few photos of Cohen before 
scrolling through her emails.

On the show, Cohen unleashes the opinions that have turned him into one 
of the least popular Russia experts in America. Speaking about the 2014 
Ukrainian revolution that led to Russia’s invasion, he asks: "If you’re 
sitting in the Kremlin, and you see this as surreptitious NATO 
expansion, and Ukraine, which is virtually a kinship of Russia, do you 
do nothing?" Putin "is reacting. … He had few alternatives." He 
continues: "If we’re going to ask who undermined Ukrainian democracy, it 
wasn’t Putin." It was Western leaders.

full: http://www.chronicle.com/article/Is-This-Professor-Putin-s/241777

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