[Marxism] Australia: big yes vote for gay marriage rights in postal plebiscite

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sat Nov 18 01:54:47 MST 2017

What a poor weak political understanding and lack of analysis on the real problems

that are currently in very much form, to continue heterosexism and homophobia.

It would be great if the capitalist rulers really supported LGBT concerns that

includes ending the hetero patriarchy, as this article incorrectly implies - but they

do not.  They want a controlled compliant second class same gender sexers,

in part because of backward religious based prejudice and in part because

segments make money promoting heterosexuality and baby making and of

inheritance that transfers/continues wealth, inequality and class privileges.

Marriage Equality provides some important benefits that heterosexuals long

had and denied to same gender sexers, even finally recognized by some of the

very backward layers of  identified left political currents.  But this victory in

Australia, is due to the growing influence and effects of the LGBT Movement

(which sadly received no acknowledgement or clear support in this statement,

reflecting a major weakness of this poor analysis and evaluation).

No mention and criticism that a minority trying to secure equal rights had to

endure a vote of the hetero identified majority, to have access to such rights

and benefits. The capitalist rulers will always prefer accommodating with the

religious forces to keep the oppressive heterosexist patriarchial society, for

their continuing "business as usual".  They do not support reparations for

institutional government and religious theft and violence against same sexers.

Many were hoping that this referendum would fail, "to keep things the same"

and not have to reveal or challenge their homophobia and heterosexism.

That many do not want to be viewed as bigots, does not  equate what much

of the capitalist class prefers, and can be seen in actual ongoing prejudice

and discrimination in government policies and societal actions.  What is also

clear is that racism, sexism and heterosexism, will not end by just ending

capitalism, or voting for a marriage equality referendum.  Those who claim

such will, do not either understand or want to seriously challenge such privileges.

The ideas from the oppressed and those in the vanguard groups of those

oppressed peoples, in identifying injustice and what is required to correct

such, can not be permanently stopped by those wanting hetero patriarchal

rule, whether capitalist exploiters or labor toilers who identify with such.

Not recognizing the need for these independent movements and either

rejecting or misunderstanding capitalist efforts to try and control and end

such needed independent movements and ideas, says much about this

statement  by an isolated and limited thinking group.   They attempt to show

"critical support" to this referendum, to hide and pretend they do not hold

hetero bigoted views, but want to spend efforts "on the far more important issues".

Their far more unclever implied criticism of the LGBT Movement and mistaken

assumptions for not all/any, having the class conscious awareness as themselves.

Where are those "super Gays from the 1960's?" they ask.  As if they really knew

all the LGBT forces and their ideas, beyond what they consume from mostly the

corporate controlled media.  Their lack of understanding about heterosexism,

patriarchy, sexism and silence on such, is not a "fine moment" of this group.

It might be viewed historically as their justification to remain uninvolved in

both really challenging heterosexism in a independent movement and in each

of their own personal lives.  White male hetero rule, is both limiting and has little

future for the unfolding future generations of progressive forces, or of a better

world without exploitation and injustice and a sustainable environment.

It is not the individual sexual act or identity, but the creating of strong independent

movements and forces of oppressed together, in motion that challenge power,

privilege and rule.  Ending capitalist exploitation and destruction of our planet's

environment is a needed step, but not the only steps to create a sustainable world

of cooperation and not militarism.  This includes respect for creative same sexers

and their important contributions to drag humanity out of barbarism!   We must

end hetero patriarchal views and their long harmful rule and not just end capitalism.

as the only objective.



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