[Marxism] How a Canadian website is being used to amplify the Kremlin's view of the world (Globe & Mail)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 18 12:48:10 MST 2017

On 11/18/17 2:00 PM, Richard Fidler via Marxism wrote:
> Canada's top English-language daily takes a look at Global Research
> Subscriber only so here's the full text.
> How a Canadian website is being used to amplify the Kremlin’s view of the world
> The Globe and Mail (Ottawa/Quebec Edition)18 Nov 2017
> An obscure Canadian website that disseminates conspiracy theories and
> Kremlin-friendly points of view is an amplifier of global disinformation,
> according to NATO

I don't think that Chossudovsky is a Kremlin asset. All these shit-holes 
(Information Clearing House, DissidentVoice, Roger Annis's New Cold War, 
Consortium News, Moon of Alabama, Off-Guardian, etc.) have an elective 
affinity for Putin, Assad and all the other dirt-bags that occupy in 
their hearts what Stalin used to do for Walter Duranty. One of the more 
depressing symptoms of how this mindset can spread around like a 
sexually transmitted disease is an article 
co-authored by Annis, Paul Kellogg and someone named Mahdi Darius 
Nazemroaya who is part of Boris Kagarlitsky Kremlin-funded think-tank. 
Kellogg is the author of an important article on how the Bolsheviks 
fucked up royally in 1920 when they invaded Poland. I have no idea why 
he would have forgotten the points he made in this article:


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