[Marxism] Fwd: Russia’s Gay Demons | by Robert Cottrell | The New York Review of Books

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Sun Nov 19 09:35:09 MST 2017

The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia
by Masha Gessen
Riverhead, 515 pp., $28.00
Masha Gessen

Early in Vladimir Putin’s first presidency I spoke to a Moscow banker, 
with reason to care on this point, who said he detected no trace of 
anti-Semitism in Putin personally, but that Putin would encourage 
popular anti-Semitism in a second if he thought that doing so would 
serve his interests. So far, Putin has not felt the need to demonize 
Russia’s Jews. He has instead identified the enemy within as Russia’s 
homosexuals, whose persecution is one of the main themes of The Future 
Is History, Masha Gessen’s remarkable group portrait of seven 
Soviet-born Russians whose changing lives embody the changing fortunes 
and character of their country as it passed from the end of Communist 
dictatorship under Mikhail Gorbachev to improvised liberalism under 
Boris Yeltsin and then back to what Gessen sees as renewed 
totalitarianism under Putin.


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