[Marxism] Edward Herman, 92, Critic of U.S. Media and Foreign Policy, Dies

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Wed Nov 22 18:10:46 MST 2017

Why does an ornery lad like this get to have this terribly silly 
soundbite cited in both the NYT and Washington Post?

On 2017/11/23 12:58 AM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> ... “If we consider mainstream media to be nothing but 
> propagandistic,” said the author Todd Gitlin, a journalism and 
> sociology professor at Columbia University, “we have no vocabulary 
> left to condemn the likes of Fox News and Breitbart.”

And why is anti-imperialist resistance so difficult for this guy to 
conceptualize? Ed always knew this terrain, even if he often despaired 
at the adverse balance of forces.

> For example, he noted that the authors acknowledged that despite the 
> supposedly omnipotent media propaganda system, “an active grass-roots 
> oppositional movement with very limited media access” was pivotal in 
> undermining President Ronald Reagan’s efforts to aid right-wing rebel 
> groups in Nicaragua. But “the only explanation they offer for this 
> apparent anomaly,” Professor LaFeber added, “is that the ‘system is 
> not all-powerful.’ ”

If he were to have read attempts to undermine his political values in 
establishment obits like this, I know Ed would have smiled and nodded.

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