[Marxism] Fwd: History's Emancipator: Did Abraham Lincoln Have "a Drop of Anti-Slavery Blood in His Veins"?

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Sun Nov 26 04:50:39 MST 2017

I gained a better appreciation of Lincoln and the Republicans from reading
James Oakes's Freedom National. I have not seen any convincing refutations
of his view that the Republicans proceeded systematically to abolish
slavery starting with the First Confiscation Act in 1861.


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> Absolutely so.
> On Lincoln, it seems clear to me that he had some very radical ideas
> and--unlike any of us--felt no great compulsion to publicize them.
> According to his partner, William Herndon--who was rather openly a
> radical--Lincoln did not believe anyone could legislate change--which he
> thought to be pointlessly unworkable and politically suicidal.  His
> freethought and his view on civic equality for woman are good examples of
> this.
> Rather, Lincoln believed that a politician who saw public opinion moving
> forward should ratify the change and not permit it to be rolled back.  This
> was certainly his view after the Emancipation Proclamation when many
> Republicans wanted him to repudiate both the proclamation and the decision
> to authorize the recruitment of black troops.
> I am firmly with those historians who think of Lincoln as the best U.S.
> president, though--unlike most--I think that's a bit like being the most
> ethical human being in the present U.S. Congress.
> ML
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