[Marxism] WSJ on Trump foreign policy

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 02:54:35 MST 2017

The Wall St. Journal has an interesting column on Trump's foreign policy.
Its author, Walter Russel Mead, writes:

"What gives Mr. Trump his opening is something many foreign-policy experts
have yet to grasp: that America’s post-Cold War national strategy has run
out of gas.... The U.S. isn’t putting the finishing touches on a peaceful
global system that is fated to endure for the ages. For the foreseeable
future, foreign policy is going to be less about making dreams come true
and more about keeping nightmares at bay."

The author has some sharp criticisms of Trump's foreign policy (from the
point of view of the interests of US capitalism), but he also is saying
that Trump is recognizing reality; US capitalism is no longer the
unchallenged dominant power in the world. The best US foreign policy can do
is damage control, or "keep nightmares at bay."

His conclusion is also interesting: "But it is not enough to demolish the
old. Ultimately Mr. Trump will be judged on his ability—or failure—to build
something better." But that's exactly the point. All US capitalism can do
is react to events as they unfold. It lacks the power to really shape the
conditions that create the events. (None of which means that US imperialism
is not a dangerous beast.)


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