[Marxism] Fwd: Kurdish-led SDF will join Syrian army if federal state guaranteed: Rojava official

Nick Fredman nick.j.fredman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 04:46:52 MST 2017

There sounds like some wilful confusion in the Kurdistan 24 report,
implying if not quite saying there's a deal to join the SAA ("the national
army") if a separatist deal is struck. This is a crony-capitalist Barzani
family-owned media outlet, i.e. allied to Turkey and bitterly hostile to
the Rojava revolution.

The following sounds a lot more consistent with the statements of the SDC,
the pro-Assadist media, in order to better defend Assad-led Arab-chauvinist
nationalism, actually now having more of an interest to being truthful
about the SDC's project of a democratic federal Syria (as opposed to the
pro-Turkish including KDP media, which have an interest in painting Assad
and the SDC in unholy alliance).

Darar told the Syrian opposition news outlet Enab Baladi that his words
were manipulated and that the SDF would only join the “new” Syrian Army
that could be formed if Syria becomes a federal country, not the SAA. Darar
went further and called the SAA the “regime army”.

“I didn’t mean that the regime army [SAA] is the Syrian Army, I meant the
Army of Syria after establishing the federalism,” Darar told Enab Baladi.

While some Arab and international news agencies promoted the manipulated
version of Darar’s statement as a positive development, the real statement
follows the general policy of the SDF, which is aimed at overthrowing not
only Damascus government, but also at changing the Syrian constitution.

The Damascus government, the Syrian opposition and regionals powers like
Turkey and Iran have stressed on many occasions that they will not accept a
federal system in Syria.


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