[Marxism] Fwd: Why We Must Still Defend Free Speech | by David Cole | The New York Review of Books

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 16:49:24 MDT 2017

I found this paragraph particularly illustrative of the mindset of
bourgeois liberals:

"[T]he argument that free speech should not be protected in conditions of
inequality is misguided. The right to free speech does not rest on the
presumption of a level playing field. Virtually all rights—speech
included—are enjoyed unequally, and can reinforce inequality. The right to
property most obviously protects the billionaire more than it does the
poor. Homeowners have greater privacy rights than apartment dwellers, who
in turn have more privacy than the homeless. The fundamental right to
choose how to educate one’s children means little to parents who cannot
afford private schools, and contributes to the resilience of segregated
schools and the reproduction of privilege. Criminal defendants’ rights are
enjoyed much more robustly by those who can afford to hire an expensive
lawyer than by those dependent on the meager resources that states dedicate
to the defense of the indigent, thereby contributing to the endemic
disparities that plague our criminal justice system."

We should accept the not-so-level playing field of the marketplace of ideas
because we also accept inequality with regard to all other bourgeois
rights, and all bourgeois rights are essentially predicated on inequality.
An argument against bourgeois rights in general, not a defense of free
speech in particular.

- Amith

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> Just a guess but I don't think Louis was posting the article as an
> endorsement.
> - Amith

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