[Marxism] [UCE] Re: Rhode Island Socialists split from Socialist Alternative

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 12 11:23:43 MDT 2017

"Capitalism creates structured capital and labor markets, and differential
standards of living, by ethnicity and nation - and by gender." (sic)

sounds good, thanks.

However, wouldn't  pointing out that "mean White people" will still "fuck things up. Because of their ideas [read their primarily male history of privilege]" will not be ended simply because the material basis behind gender and race oppression had been "exposed"? Indeed, wouldn't it take even more revolutionary struggle that would only begin with the elimination of the capitalist mode of production because "mean White . . . ideas" would still prevail over generations? Isn't this observation at least partially apparent in the struggles with race and gender oppression in revoutionary Cuba?
I think the observation of the materialist basis of gender and racial oppression is insufficient a basis to engage in solidarity and struggle with oppressed peoples. We are not "sections" that simply require to be "intersectioned". The whole basis of "intersectionality" itself seems a rather  a "mean White" construct to align White progressive sensibilities with "solidarity" with oppressed peoples.  If we are in fact one (working) class, why should "we" be conceptualized into sections and reconciled into a framework of "intersectionality"?  Such a concept wreaks of that liberal "otherism" idea. I almost (only "almost") prefer somebody to argue we are only one "class" than such a liberal "Marxist" framework delimiting women and other oppressed peoples as "sections" of th working class.

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