[Marxism] The Russian Reader: Chutzpah

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 13:56:49 MDT 2017


Here’s the score, boys and girls. This is what happens, sooner or later, to
everyone who has a beef, however minor, with the Putin regime. They get a
visit from a “policeman” who is indistinguishable, in his behavior, looks,
and speech, from an ordinary thug.

Today, it happened to my friends Lika and Alik, who are not only some of
the nicest folks I’ve ever met, but run the invaluable Jewish Community
Center on Rubinstein Street on a shoestring budget.

Here’s what Lika wrote about their encounter with the Putinist police:

I just got a visit from two plainclothes “policemen.” What was their
business? Literally: “Have you been writting all kinds of crap on Facebook
about wogs getting beaten up?” I am conveying what they said to me. The
prosecutor’s office found your message, which you wrote one and a half
years ago. We need a clarification from you. I see he’s holding printouts
from the Sova Center. I told them they had woken up on time, since one and
half years had passed since then. After I said that, one of the “policeman”
was rude to me. “Why do you write garbage? Do you have nothing to do?” I
asked him not to talk to me like that and show me his ID. He refused and
behaved very aggressively. My husband tried to take his picture on the
phone, but he threatened to smash the phone. He really was holding papers
from the prosecutor’s office. Supposedly, they had been given three days to
take care of the matter. I said I could deal with it on Friday morning. The
conversation ended with our promising to call the police and closing the

There is no doubt they were from the police, judging by their behavior.))

I am writing a complaint to the prosecutor’s office.

Here is a photo of one of the “heroes.”


I myself just got chewed out, on a leftist mailing list, for writing a
“screed” about how Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky had sold out to Putinism
by appearing on RT. What is worse, the super-righteous Hedges, an ordained
minister, if I’m not mistaken, has even started presenting a program on the

Why do I object so strongly to this? Because whether they know it or not,
Hedges, Chomsky, and everyone who behaves like them is putting their stamp
of approval on the way this country is misruled by thugs like the ones who
just visited and threatened my friends Lika and Alik.

Make no mistake: this is not a one-off, random incident. This is something
that has happened millions of times, and often in much rougher form, since
Putin took charge of Russia eighteen years ago.

So, when you say to yourself that your “anti-imperialist” (or whatever)
message is so earth-shakingly important that you’ll go on a TV channel paid
for by Russian taxpayers, but run as a flagrant anti-US, anti-western,
pro-Assadist, pro-Putinist propaganda outlet by thieves, crooks, and thugs
who openly intimidate, assault, and sometimes murder these same taxpayers
for the “criminal” act of disagreeing with the general line or drawing
attention to a wrongdoing or demanding that state officials, including
police and judges, actually do their jobs in keeping with the Russian
Constitution, the Russian law codes, and the international and European
conventions on human rights to which Russia is still a signatory, you have
to have a lot of chutzpah.

In fact, you have to have decided, whether consciously or not, that
ordinary taxpaying Russians who don’t toe the Putinist line are your
enemies, and you don’t mind at all if they’re crushed in the dirt by
absolute fucking scumbags as long as self-righteous snake oil salesmen like
Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges have yet another “outlet” for their tiresome
message, which we all memorized years ago and which, in fact, they’ve had
no trouble at all disseminating at will to whoever will listen for years on

Pretending that they’re “forced” to go on RT, because they can’t get a
hearing anywhere else, is the last refuge of an “anti-imperialist”
scoundrel. TRR

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