[Marxism] Makarov: Russia Is God’s Last Hope on Earth (The Russian Reader)

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Wed Sep 13 05:46:09 MDT 2017

This is probably why ordained minister Chris Hedges doesn't mind getting
his paycheck from the Kremlin.

Don't forget to go to the article at the link. Otherwise, you'll miss the
colorful pictures, including photos of real live Cossacks marching down

For those of you with no knowledge of Petersburg politics, Vyacheslav
Makarov has a reputation as an extremely corrupt wheeler-dealer and serial
nepotist who would have found kindred spirits in Tammany Hall.

I don't remember when he got on the mystical mumbo-jumbo Russian Orthodox
fascism train, but it's all a put-on, part of the theatrics
​ ​
and scare tactics needed
​ ​
to get Putin re-elected next year (maybe even crowned tsar?), and keep the
ultra-corrupt Putinist machine in power in perpetuity.

On the one hand, it's all a fiction. On the other hand, the regime is
pushing all the most reactionary buttons it can get its hands on to blot
out and besmirch the idea of revolutionary change in 2017, the centennial
of the Russian Revolution.

Knowing all that, any progressive or leftist would want to steer of allying
themselves with the Kremlin, including boycotting RT. But no, Hedges and
Chomsky and lots of other
​ ​
comrades just plunge right
​ ​
in, seemingly heedless of the notion that there might be people in Russia
fighting against this reactionary regime
​ ​
​ ​
could use, at least, their tacit, passive
​ ​


Makarov: Russia Is God’s Last Hope on Earth

Legislative Assembly Speaker Vyacheslav Makarov Calls Russia God’s Last
Hope on Earth
Delovoi Peterburg
September 12, 2017

As reported on Fontanka.ru on Tuesday, September 12, Vyacheslav Makarov,
speaker of the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly, called Russia God’s
last hope while addressing participants of a religious procession that had
marched down Nevsky Prospect.

“Russia has its own special mission in the world. The meaning of Russia’s
existence is to solve problems that no other country can solve. Russia is a
world power, God’s last hope on earth! That is why the Lord invisibly
protects Russia from enemies and safeguards its little world for a
salvational outcome in order to protect our country in its heavenly and
earthly dimensions,” Vyacheslav Makarov said.

He noted the adversities that have ravaged Russia are bound up, among other
things, with the murder of the tsar and his family.

“Exactly one hundred years separate us from events that radically changed
our Fatherland, a great, multi-ethnic country, events that plunged it into
the madness of civil war, in which children rebelled against their parents,
and brother fought against brother. And the subsequent losses and sorrows,
trials and tragedies through which the people passed were predestined by
the destruction of the state, the murder of the tsar and his children, and
militant atheism,” said Makarov.

In turn, Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko noted that Alexander
Nevsky had chosen the right way for building the state, had repelled
outside aggressors, and had helped the Russian people maintain its identity
through Orthodoxy.

Today, Petersburg held a citywide religious procession in honor of the Day
of the Translation of the Relics of Alexander Nevsky. The sacred procession
went down Nevsky Prospect from Kazan Cathedral to the Alexander Nevsky
Monastery. According to the regional directorate of the Interior Minister,
over 100,000 people took part in the event.

Translated by the Russian Reader

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