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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 16 12:04:27 MDT 2017

When I received an invitation from a publicist to review “Red Trees” 
that opened yesterday at Lincoln Plaza and Quad Cinema in NYC, I was 
initially undecided since the documentary was about surviving the 
holocaust. Having seen dozens of films, both fiction and nonfiction, 
about this crime against humanity starting with Alain Resnais’s 1956 
documentary “Night and Fog” that I saw as a college freshman in 1961, I 
was not sure what more could be said. I finally decided to review the 
film since it was produced by Charles S. Cohen who owns the Cohen Media 
Group and Quad Cinema. Over the years I have developed a deep respect 
for Cohen Media Group films and those shown at Quad Cinema. Suffice it 
to say that “Red Trees” meets the lofty standards set by Mr. Cohen, who 
decided to produce the film after seeing a shorter version.

Although the images summoned up the word holocaust are black-and-white 
photos and historical footage of skeletal victims at Auschwitz, “Red 
Trees” is instead a lyrically evocative picture of the world of the 
Czechs both past and present as director Marina Willer and her father 
Alfred visit the places where he grew up. Even when he recalls 
terrifying moments, his daughter never forgets that the overarching 
purpose of the film is to convey the joys of civilized life in places 
like Kaznêjov and Prague where the Willer family prospered economically 
and culturally until the Nazis began their brutal occupation in 1939.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2017/09/16/red-trees/

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