[Marxism] The History of White People (Nell Irvin Painter) - CBC Sunday Edition

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There is no such thing as the 'white race' — or any other race, says


Listen (33 mins.)


"At least, there's no scientific basis for race. Human DNA is about 99.9
percent the same across the full spectrum of skin colour and ethnicity.

Yet, race has been one of the most powerful narratives in the world for
hundreds of years, in enlightened Western democracies and despotic regimes
alike. Ideas about race have structured societies and politics, created
national myths, and led to enslavement, war and genocide.

And a belief in the supremacy of white people remains persistent and
pernicious in some quarters — an invention, just as race (including the
white race) was an invention.

Nell Irvin Painter is an eminent American historian who made the story of
the white race the subject of her landmark book The History of White
People. She's the Edwards Professor of American History Emerita at
Princeton University."

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