[Marxism] The Case of Liberal [read: Leftist] Islamophobia

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 17 12:07:48 MDT 2017

Imogen Lambert
September 15th, 2017

.....But, while these leftists have stood firmly by their “Western 
Muslim” co-nationalists, they have failed to be allies of Muslim victims 
of the War on Terror in countries like Egypt and Syria—especially those 
Muslims affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or other conservative, 
political, or revolutionary Islamic movements. Arguably, this is the 
consequence of the left’s failure to understand that Islamophobia is not 
unique to the West or perpetrated only by those of European descent. 
Islamophobia also afflicts Muslim-majority countries. Indeed, it is the 
glue that binds together the ongoing counter-revolution in Syria, 
post-coup Egypt, and the limitless demonization of the Muslim 
Brotherhood in the United Arab Emirates, among other things.

Many liberals nonetheless support (or at least fail to meaningfully 
condemn) these counter-revolutionary, anti-Muslim Brotherhood, and 
Islamophobic policies in the Middle East. In this way, many so-called 
liberals and purported Muslim allies are themselves subtle practitioners 
of Islamophobia......

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