[Marxism] The Making and the Breaking of the Legend of Robert E. Lee

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> Mark wrote:
> 'Meanwhile, they were putting up statues to the idols of the master class
> that tried to destroy a nation when they couldn't rule it anywhere.
> It puts a whole new light on what "Reconstruction" meant and never meant.'
> Well said, Mark. Here in Oz, there is a campaign against the statues and
> monuments of some of the worst of the colonists.  There is a special focus
> on the statue of Captain Cook and the claim that he "discovered"
> Australia.  That is as claim which is deeply offensive to the First Nations
> people who have been here for around 60k years.

Very much related to campaigns against monuments to Cook and others is what
is probably the highest profile current battle against reactionary
tradition, the battle to de-recognise as "Australia Day" the date of Cook's
landing, January 26. Four local councils have now done something about
this, including not coincidentally the three where socialists have a seat <
The other council happens to be where I live. They've also pleasingly
agreed to rename a park named after the utter bastard John Batman, involved
in mass dispossession in Victoria and genocide in Tasmania:

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