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On Sept. 16, socialist Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant, Richmond
Progressive Alliance (RPA) member and candidate for California Lt. Governor
Gayle McLaughlin, and East Bay DSA member Jeremy Gong spoke at a meeting in
Oakland. The meeting, entitled “Trump Proof the Bay Area”, gave a glimpse
into the state of affairs on the left.

All three tended to focus on the Sanders phenomenon, and, by extension, on
the Democratic Party. McLaughlin, for example, made clear that her campaign
for Lt. Governor was going to focus on Sanders’ “Our Revolution” groupings
throughout the state. Gong wasn’t quite so specific. In fact, he said he
was “unsure of my approach” on electoral politics. But his political
orientation (see below) showed the reality. Sawant spent much of her speech
discussing the “Bernie” phenomenon, the role of the “Democratic Party
establishment” (vs. the “progressive wing”), and she insisted that “we must
orient towards those who are not ready to break with the Democrats but are
angry as hell…. The main question is how to break the Trump agenda.”

*Whose Agenda?*The question is who is setting the political agenda, though:
Is it socialists or is it the Democrats? What has become clear over the
last months is that it is the latter. The Democrats’ strategy is to ride
the health care issue – and even the call for single payer – to a
congressional majority in 2018 and into the White House in 2020, after
which “single payer” will be left lying in the gutter like a drowned rat.

*Democrats and “Single Payer”*

*Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi happily attending the convention with
right wing Republican war hawk, US Senator John McCain.*
*The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is the bait for the trap.*

The proof is in the pudding. They refused to even allow a discussion on
single payer when they had the majority in congress and the presidency
after the 2008 election. (In fact, they even had single payer advocates
arrested!) More recently, they arranged to raise and then kill single payer
in California. This will be what happens again if their strategy succeeds
in 2020. Sawant implied as much when she said we “are going to take it
seriously if the Democratic Party does not deliver (on single payer in

Gong also implicitly recognized this. He said that the introduction of
Sanders “health care for all” bill in DC “was a huge win for us because –
we can’t trust the Democrats – but the Republicans will lose seats and the
Democrats will win in 2018.” He then raised the perspective of the
“Democrats riding Sanders coattails in 2020” into the White House. Then, if
(really: when) they don’t pass single payer this will lead to a massive
revolt in the Democratic Party.

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