[Marxism] will antifa punch these guys out?

Jeffrey Masko j.alan.masko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 17:54:56 MDT 2017

Nope, the work in the community to build support since they only other folx
are neo-nazi's and the Klan. They are pro-union, pr-choice, and pro-gun,
and antiracism. They believe in protecting themselves to the extent that
the law allows and protecting those who ask their assistance, such as jewish
groups asking for security during the high holy days. Build whatever straw
man the fits your theory, but don't ignore that is being done in
urban/rural communities where multiracial groups are rejecting protest
repertoires that have been proven failures.

Do some research and see what they do WITHOUT their firearms to support
poor communities of all colors before you jump the gun.

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becoming disillusioned."

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