[Marxism] Some initial reflections on the NZ election outcome

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 07:57:37 MDT 2017

The day that ended two hours ago was election day (although here a lot of
people vote before the election day itself).

The governing National Party has comfortably won the most votes and seats,
and is most likely to form the next government; this will be its fourth
term, something very unusual in NZ politics.

Labour has been in opposition since 2008, changing leaders regularly as it
languished in the polls.  Its new leader is like a female Justin Trudeau or
Emmanuel Macron.  Young (by parliamentary standards) and good-looking (by
parliamentary standards).  She lifted Labour substantially in the polls,
but they fell back in the final week.

Labour here is a thoroughly capitalist party, dominated by social-climbing
middle class professionals whose highest horizon is to manage capitalism.
Indeed, on a number of things in recent years they have fairly consistently
been to the right of the National Party - immigration, social welfare
benefits, zero-hours contracts, retirement age. . .

The polls proved extremely accurate here.

One of the most interesting things about this election was turnout.
Although the pundits banged on about "the Jacinda Affect" (Jacinda Ardern,
the 37-year-old who took over as Labour Party leader about six weeks ago)
and her ability to galvanse and mobilise support, especially among young
people, the turnout (66.6%) is the lowest in about 130 years!!!!


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